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Size Guide


Finding the correct length depends on your personal preference, we recommend using a string measured out to your desired length, taking into account some room for movement, and then measuring the total length with a ruler. Here is a printable ruler for download to help measure:

If you wish to purchase a gift and are unsure what size to get, here is a wrist size guide we like to go by. 

Inches: 5 - 5.5  Size XS (child size)

Inches 6 - 6.5 Size S - M 

Inches 7 - 7.5 Size M - L

If you are unable to measure correctly and accidentally order the wrong size bracelet and need it to be resized, please know that you are responsible for all shipping charges a $5 resizing fee per bracelet. 
Please Email us and we will send you an invoice to get the process started for your items to be  resized. 



We recommend going in to your local jeweler to determine your correct ring size.